How do I start a GUE course with DiveThru?

1 Chat with Miko about course details, costs, commitment levels & time tables involved.

2 Create a student profile on then send to Miko for evaluation.

3 Find a team mate who is just as wanting / ready as you + make sure you can pass the GUE swim test.

4 Register for the class that Miko will make at

5 Finalize resort / dive center bookings, travel dates & equipment needs with your team + Miko.

How do I prepare for the GUE swim test if I am not ready?

-Get a swim coach that matches your resources, location & time.
-It is not uncommon for candidates to deal with a swim test prior to committing to any GUE program.
-GUE's swim test is a 275m swim ( no stop / no stand ) using free style, breast stroke, side stroke or combo with only goggles + swim suit in or under 14 mins followed by a 15m horizontal breath hold swim but with a rest in between.
-No doggie paddle or back stroke.
-275m applies to GUE Rec 1, Rec 3, Fundamentals, Fundamentals Part II & DPV1. Click here:
-However, at DiveThru we will all shoot for 300m in 14 mins to produce better confidence & comfort in the water.
-For Tech 1 it is 375m in 14 mins - rest - 18m horizontal breath hold swim but we will go for 400m instead. Click here:


If you are going for a Technical Pass rating in your Fundamentals, be capable of easily walking around with a twin set (double tanks) + canister light on your back over uneven & unsteady ground.

Do I need to buy GUE approved dive kit before taking a GUE course with DiveThru?

Normally yes but DiveThru can help if you are not ready to make the investment.


DiveThru can loan you (You will disinfect as per GEU COVID-19 guidelines) the following "hardware":

- Single or Double Tank Wings

- Single or Double Tank Regulators 

- SS Back plate

- Jet Fins

- SMB+Finger Spool+Double Ender

- Back-up Mask+DoubleEnder 

- Canister Light

- Pocket shorts (If they fit)

- Digital Bottom Timer+Compass+Double Ender


You need to invest in your personal "software":

- Long 3mm Wetsuit or DrySuit

- Primary mask (Frameless, Black Silicone & Neoprene Strap)

- Pocket shorts

- Neoprene Booties (High Cut Only)

- Hood (If you have long or no hair)


You will need to share in the round trip shipping expenses of the above.


Can I do a DiveThru program alone?


- GUE Recreational 1

- GUE Fundamentals Part I

- GUE Fundamentals TechPass Upgrade

- GUE Drysuit

- GUE Doubles

- SUEX DPV Workshop

- DiveThru Coaching 



- Minimum of 2 pax and a maximum of 3 pax

- GUE Fundamentals (FULL)

- GUE Fundamentals Part II

- GUE Recreational III


- GUE Tec I (Coming soon)

What if I can’t find a team mate to create a class?

DiveThru will help via the following:


- Introduce you to other existing DiveThru candidates also looking for team mates.

- Place a "Looking for team mates" advertisement on social media.

- Ask dive center partners if they have candidates that match your needs.


Do I need a certification from my preferred dive training agency before I can purchase a SUEX Advance Dive Vehicle from DiveThru?


-But it would be ridiculous to not have any formal education from a reputable training organization using a mentor who actually owns a DPV and does regular DPV diving.

-If you cannot find any, a 2 day workshop is available from Miko. 

-Expenses will be for your account.



Does GUE have COVID-19 protocols & recommendations in place?

Yes but know that these documents will continue to evolve as the world learns more about the pandemic. 


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