How do I start the process towards becoming a GUE diver with DiveThru?

Follow these steps If you are:

  • Already decided
  • Have at least one person ready as you are
  • Can confidently pass the fitness requirements found here (link)

  1. Go to ( link ) and complete your student profile, located on the right-side user menu.
  2. Contact Miko to create a class at ( link ) using a mutually agreed set of dates.
  3. Once this is done, you can find the class you want to take by clicking on "Diver Training" in the top menu, then on "View Course Schedule." Once y

How do I prepare for the GUE Fitness test if I am not ready?

  • The local multisport boom has produced a plethora of swimming coaches, find one that matches your resources, location & time.
  • It is not uncommon for candidates to deal with their swim test needs first before committing to a GUE program.
  • The fitness test with DiveThru consist of a 300m swim ( no stop / no stand ) using free style, breast stroke or side stroke with only goggles and a swim suit.
  • Complete it in under 14 mins followed by a 15m horizontal breath hold swim with a rest in between.

Do I need to own complete GUE compliant dive gear prior to taking a GUE program with DiveThru?

  • Except for the DPV & Dry suit workshop... all will be provided if you are currently holding off on investing in your own kit.
  • You must however invest in 4 personal items that make direct contact with your skin.
  • Mask (low volume, black silicone & frameless are ideal characteristics)
  • Hood or hooded vest
  • High cut booties
  • Full wetsuit / drysuit
  • Proper wet notes If the training location is outside of Anilao, Subic or Puerto Galera (please consider additional expenses)

Can I do a GUE course alone?

You can do Recreational 1, Fundamentals Part I option, Drysuit & Doubles alone. Everything else requires at least a team of 2 and at most a team of 4.

What do I do if I can’t find a team mate so my class can start?

It is normal to locally struggle to find someone as both eager & ready as you are now. I am happy to come over and meet your diving friends whom you believe are close but not quite convinced of GUE’s values for a chat or a short presentation. If none exist, I post an ad on social media looking for candidates that are keen on the dates you desire.

Do I need a certification from my favorite dive training agency before I can purchase a SUEX Advance Dive Vehicle from DiveThru?

No, if the unit is purchased direct from DiveThru. A workshop on piloting, dive planning & basic unit care is given for free. Click ( link ) for more details.